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Have you ever wondered how to dispose of your old microwave, printer cartridges, mobile phone, or your old clothes? Did you know that many items we classify as ‘Waste’ can actually be recycled?

Over the past decade concerns about the environment have caused many people to change their attitudes regarding waste disposal. Thankfully rubbish tips are no longer seen as the only method of disposing our waste and the potential to recover valuable resources in our waste is becoming recognised.

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Batteries (Including Lead Acid)

Lead acid batteries are 98% recyclable and are hazardous if not handled correctly. Contact your local Council for more information on recycling batteries. Drop off points are also located at most Repco Auto or Super Cheap Auto Stores, visit Recycle My Battery.

Mobile Phones

It is estimated only 3% of mobile hones are recycled, wasting precious resources. There are a number of mobile phone recycling programs where you can drop off your old phones including Mobile Muster.

Scrap Metal

Collecting and processing scrap metal reduces the ecological impacts of mining raw materials. NetWaste has a scrap metal contract that provides a pick up service at most Councils within the NetWaste area. Contact your local Council.


Old clothing, blankets or sheets can be donated to your local charity store including: St Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army or The Smith Family. Check your local directory for details.

Printer Cartridges

You can drop off your empty laser and inkjet cartridges at participating Australia Post, Officeworks, The Good Guys and Harvey Norman. To locate your nearest drop off point go to Close the Loop.

Electronic Items (E-Waste)

See NetWaste’s e-Waste

Household Chemicals

See NetWaste’s Household Problem Wastes

Chemical Containers

See NetWaste’s drumMuster Farm Chemicals

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