2018 Waste to Art

Waste 2 Art 2018

This year’s theme Waste is Polystyrene. The aim of Waste 2 Art is to challenge people’s perceptions about ‘rubbish’ and to celebrate the reuse and recycling of waste through arts and crafts. Waste 2 Art provides an innovative approach to waste education, invites schools and community groups to take up the challenge and create a new life for materials that would otherwise have been thrown away.

2015/16 Waste to Art Overall Winner

Congratulations to our 2015/16 Waste to Art Overall Winner, Jack Fox of Condobolin.

2016 Waste to Art Overall Winner " “Alzheimer’s”
2016 Waste to Art Overall Winner ” “Alzheimer’s”

Jacks’ amazing work is titled “Alzheimer’s”. It won the category for High School 3D and then went on to take out the overall winners prize.  Jack describes his work as; “Hast du einen vogel”? is a German expression meaning ‘Are you crazy? or more literally ‘Do you have a bird in your brain’?. My work is a physical manifestation of this as it relates to, and explores the process and memory loss, as the bird flies away with the old
mans brain.


Village Waste Education Program – 2015 Grant Winners Millthorpe Village Committee


The committe are using their grant to establish a  water refilling station. You can find out more information about applying for the 2016 Village Waste Grant here.

Milthorpe Village Committee
Milthorpe Village Committee

New Community Recycling Centre (CRC) Locations

Community Recycling Centre
Community Recycling Centre

New Community Recycling Centres (CRC) have been built in different Council areas to help deal with problem wastes’ including: paint, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, batteries, oils, smoke detectors, fluoro globes and tubes

Community Recycling Centre Locations

COUNCIL                                      LOCATION                                                                   CONTACT
Bathurst                                         Bathurst Waste Management Centre                 02 6332 9111
Blue Mountains                           Katoomba Waste Management Facility            02 4780 5000
Broken Hill                                    Broken Hill Waste Management Facility           08 8080 3300
Gilgandra                                      Gilgandra Waste Management Facility              02 6817 8866

For more information visit the EPA website  or contact the Councils listed above.

Name That Bin! New video clips reveal how to recycle correctly.

Name That Bin! New video clips reveal how to recycle correctly
Name That Bin! New video clips reveal how to recycle correctly

Waste management agency NetWaste has launched a new tool in the bid to reduce contamination in recycling bins across several of its 27 member council areas.

A new video clip series will feature on social media platforms aimed at helping inform residents on what items can and can’t go in their recycling bins.

“Communities within the NetWaste Region do a great job of recycling but we still can do better. Contamination in recycling bins is a problem and there are some common items that people put in the recycle bin that shouldn’t be there. Most people I talk with want to do the right thing but it can be confusing so hopefully these videos will help answer some of those questions about which bin”, said Environmental Learning Advisor Sue Clarke, “and we encourage you to ask questions via our NetWaste Facebook or Twitter Page. If you are unsure send us a message and let us know because if you are confused about an item, you can be sure someone else is as well”.

“With these new video clips, we’re hoping some of the crucial mistakes people make regarding their recyclables can be reduced and we can make a real difference to the volume of glass, cardboard and aluminium and steel waste items that we are sending to be recycled into new products.”

In the first of three videos of the fictional game show “Name that Bin” the contestant Jane is asked which bin should empty aerosol cans should be placed in.

Jane answers correctly by choosing the recycling bin, and she is also reminded that paper, cardboard, glass, tin, steel, juice cartons and plastic containers and bottles should go in the recycling bin – but with the lids off first.

“Everyone can be a ‘garbage guru’ if they watch the video clips and take in the tips on how we can make sure we choose the right bin every time,” said Ms Clarke.

“We believe the videos are a fun way of getting a serious message across – it shouldn’t feel like you’re under pressure on a quiz show to know which waste items should go in which bin. If residents can have a bit of a laugh while they’re watching the videos it may help the message stick – everyone’s a winner if we don’t contaminate our recyclables!”

The videos will be released via the NetWaste facebook and twitter accounts and can also be found at https://youtu.be/ioNUrDr1unU

The videos will coincide with the release of NetWaste’s Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to recycling.

The NetWaste Top Ten Recycling Tips – #10
  • DO recycle empty aerosol, steel (tin) and aluminium cans. Did you know currently only 35% of our steel cans are recycled in Australia?
  • DON’T place empty gas cylinders or metal coat hangers and broken aluminium chairs in the recycling bin. Check with your local council or use a Community Recycling Centre to dispose of gas cylinders

Media Contact: Sue Clarke 6393 8771 or 0400 336 508


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