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“Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know. It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.” John Ruskin[1]

Education is a strategic and effective tool for behaviour change. The What Waste Where Strategy maximises the use of education into the future and strategically demands more of it, in NetWaste’s efforts to fulfill its broad strategic objectives.

All education programs and projects delivered under the What Waste Where Strategy will directly seek to promote actual changes in behaviour. This Strategy outlines the way forward for NetWaste in moving its Councils and communities toward better waste management. It provides a road map for the future use of education as a key tool for NetWaste and its Councils.

What Waste Where delivers a strategic approach, through the use of effective educational mechanisms, that goes beyond just raising knowledge and awareness; it goes beyond some of the more traditional approaches that focus education only within the formal education system, schools, universities etc.  What Waste Where goes towards delivering knowledge, awareness, skills and attitude based education that impacts on what people do and how they change what they do to reduce waste and recover valuable resources.

Download  ‘What Waste Where’ NetWaste Education Strategy 2013 to 2022

Environmental Learning Facility

Environmental Learning facility, ELF

The Environmental Learning Facility (ELF) is an innovative project is located at the Orange Showground. The ELF is a multi-functional centre for learning, which is designed to provide a working demonstration of the technologies available for developing more ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

NetWaste is a major partner and sponsor in the development of the ELF and instrumental in providing cost effective resource sharing opportunities for the operation of the ELF.  Work commenced on the construction of the facility in April 2003 and the support from the community, business and TAFE has been astounding. Support in the form of materials, labour and other in-kind assistance has clearly demonstrated the community’s commitment to this project.

Construction of the ELF was completed in April 2005. The development of the permaculture gardens on the site continue to be enhanced by the invaluable support of volunteers from the Orange community.

For further information on the The Environmental Learning Facility (ELF) please contact Sue Clarke, NetWaste’s Environmental Learning Adviser on 0400 336 508 or email ela@netwaste.org.au

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