drumMUSTER Farm Chemicals


drumMUSTER is the national program for collection and recycling of non-returnable crop production and animal health product chemical containers.

NetWaste Councils are active in working with drumMUSTER to provide a collection service for drumMUSTER containers with nearly 128,000 drums returned in the region in 2017/18 alone. These collections are either carried out by a single operator, contracted to NetWaste or by the Council through individual agreements with Agsafe.

To find out details of what containers are acceptable under the program, the rinsing requirements and drumMUSTER collections in your area, visit drumMUSTER or contact your local Council.

ChemClear provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a collection and disposal pathway for their unwanted chemicals. For further information on this program contact:


Tel | (02) 6206 6868
Fax | (02) 6273 1977
Email | info@drummuster.org.au
Web |www.drummuster.org.au


Free call | 1800 008 182
Tel | (02) 6206 6868
Fax | (02) 6273 1977
Email | info@chemclear.org.au
Web | www.chemclear.org.au

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