Strategic Plan Summary


This document incorporates the key priorities of NetWaste’s strategic documents and focus areas:


The six key themes guiding NetWaste activities include:

  1. Enablement – our goal is to empower member Councils to better address waste management challenges within their communities.
  2. Infrastructure – Our goal is to provide appropriate infrastructure to meet local and regional needs.
  3. Engagement – Our goal is to develop meaningful connectivity between all stakeholders within the community, both in the delivery of waste education and in awareness of the achievement of strategic goals. We will do this by creating a sense of community ownership.
  4. Resource Recovery – Our goal is to increase the quantity of recovered resources as measured year on year and move towards attainment of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery strategy goals.
  5. Problem Wastes – Our goal is to remove problem waste from the waste stream through identification, separation and collection for appropriate recycling or responsible disposal.
  6. Financial Systems – Our goal is to provide financial management systems to enable successful delivery of the strategy objectives in the defined time frames.

Strategic Waste Plan 2013-2017

NetWaste Strategic Waste Plan

NetWaste’s vision is to set the benchmark for regional waste management through meeting a range of strategic objectives.

Our objectives include:

  • reducing the amount of waste being generated
  • increasing resource recovery
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • delivering environmentally responsible waste management systems
  • improving awareness of waste minimisation and resource recovery principles & influencing behavioural change
  • improving recycling and composting
  • reducing litter and illegal dumping
  • managing problem wastes
  • facilitating information exchange and skills development
  • optimise procurement of grant funding

Download: NetWaste’s Strategic Waste Plan 2013-2017

Integrated Infrastructure Plan

NetWaste Infrastructure Plan

In 2013, NetWaste engaged Impact Environmental Consultants (IEC) to develop an integrated infrastructure plan, to align with the NetWaste Strategic Waste Plan 2013-2017, the Organics Management Options Report and the NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More funding program.

Federal and state policy, legislation, taxes and funding programs are driving greater resource recovery and reduction of waste to landfill. In response to these pressures and opportunities, NetWaste has been steering waste and resource recovery reforms in the region.

Download: NetWaste’s Integrated Infrastructure Plan

Organics Management Plan

NetWaste Organics Report

Currently only small scale organics composting is being undertaken in the NetWaste region and few domestic organics collection services are provided.

NetWaste commissioned Impact Environmental Consultants to undertake an investigation of the potential to enhance kerbside organics collection and organics processing.  The focus of this report is on organics including food organics, although other organics streams are discussed.

Organics management offers an opportunity to significantly reduce the quantity of waste going to landfill, yet only small scale organics composting is being undertaken in the NetWaste region and few domestic organics collections services are provided.

Download:   Organics Management Plan

What Waste Where – NetWaste Education Strategy 2013-2022

What Waste Where
NetWaste’s What Waste Where Education Strategy leads the way forward for Councils and communities in better waste management.

Education is a strategic and effective tool for behaviour change and it has been used effectively by NetWaste since its inception.

The document provides a road map for the future use of education as a key tool for NetWaste and its Councils. This Education Strategy maximises the use of education and strategically demands more of it to ensure NetWaste’s fulfills its broad strategic objectives. Learn more about Education.

Download: What Waste Where – NetWaste Education Strategy 2013-2022

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